Wednesday, July 4, 2007

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The staff at Digital Book Today is currently a group of 4 who all have either worked in the book industry and/or have been avid bookreaders all of our lives.

All of us have read a wide selection of books crossing into many categories. Many of us had our “eyes opened” while working in the book industry. Getting the opportunity to obtain ARC’s (Advanced Reader Copy) of books of many smaller or unknown authors allowed us to read books that maybe we would never had read.

We all have our favorite genres such as Romance, Thrillers, Medical, Mystery, Chicklit, Children’s, Young Adult, Sports, Non-ficition, Fiction, and more.

Digital ereaders have now brought out an old form of promotion in the publishing industry. Instead of getting free books (with paper pages), authors are now using the limited time price of $0.00 to expand their following and to increase the number of reviews or world of mouth recommendations. The bookseller or reader has to be in the right place at the right time to obtain these free books.

Digital Book Today tries to inform readers of these limited time offers while weeding out the “we are selling something” ebooks which seems to increase in numbers every day.

Our hope is to recommend titles that are “good reads”. We maintain a page called The Best of Amazon’s Daily Free Books where we featured the better of the daily free books that are available on the marketplace.

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The staff at Digital Book Today

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