Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hybrid by Greg Ballan – 4.4 Stars on 48 Reviews!

Hybrid is an attention grabber from the first page; be prepared for a great one sit read.” ~ D.F. Levesque, Amazon Review
The Book Buzz segment today features Hybrid by Greg Ballan. The reviews for Hybrid has been outstanding resulting in an excellent rating of 4.4 stars on 48 reviews. How do you describe Ballan’s Hybrid? By taking a quoting a reviewer – “This book is a sci-fi fanatics/Super hero lovers dream! It goes from advanced beings from another planet to soldiers with M-16s and a down on his luck PI,this story is woven into an outstanding read. It had futuristic wars between aliens, beat them up fist-a-cuffs where human vs. Alien vs. Hybrid and of course a human interest plot on modern family dynamics.” The good news? It has a sequel that “is even better”. Another reviewer says “I enjoyed the fact that while the ending was left open enough that there could be more to come, it was wrapped up with a satisfying ending.” If this seem like your style of book they grab a copy of Hybrid. We are sure you will not be disappointed.
“Without giving too much away, what starts off as an entertaining crime drama quickly escalates into an all out sci-fi/fantasy slugfest, with page after page of intense action.” ~ Tommy Oliver, Amazon Review
“With Hybrid it doesn’t matter if you scream, the monsters like it that way.” ~ A Kid’s Review, Amazon Review
Book Description: ERIK KNIGHT, a small time private investigator, always knew he was different from everybody else. Keener senses, heightened awareness and an enhanced physical strength that could be called upon by his sheer will. Erik becomes involved with a team of high profile investigators and local police trying to locate a girl who was kidnapped in the middle of a playground amongst dozens of adults and children. None of the adults saw anything and what the children claim to have seen is too far fetched to be believed. The search evolves into a full-scale manhunt into the dark and desolate woodlands of the Hopedale Mountain. After a lethal encounter and a fatality, Erik, the investigators and police realize that what they’re dealing with isn’t a man and possibly isn’t of this world. What they’re dealing with is a sentient evil that has an appetite for young children..… Read more on Amazon.
About the Author: Greg Ballan is a graduate of Northeastern University holding Bachelor’s degrees in Marketing and Management. He lives in Hopedale with his patient, tolerant and sometimes bewildered wife, Teresa and his three children; Tom, Rachel and Christie. Greg enjoys several outdoor activities such as hiking, archery and shooting. When he’s not working his full time job as a Financial Analyst or getting lost in some unknown woodlands, he’s crunched over his laptop putting his warped imagination into words or penning a column about politics, hunting humor or his latest tale about avoiding house work and yard work.
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“Really enjoyed this selection. I was drawn in from the very beginning. Read most of the story in one sitting. Action scenes were incredible. I actually cheered at the ending. I have reread this book 5 times since purchasing it. Be sure to get the sequel to this book also.” ~ Kaydle50, Amazon Review
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