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5 Reasons to Fall in LOVE with Indie Authors

Today we have a guest post by Author Shaunda Kennedy Wenger: 5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Indie Authors. Shaunda is also part of a group of authors that will be promoting their books May 5th – 7th by giving them away for free. At the end of the article is a link to their site to see all the book that will be available.

5 Reasons to Fall in LOVE with Indie Authors

1. First, came Indie Music. Next, Indie Films. Now, Indie Authors. And just as it happened with the Indie Musicians and Filmmakers, there are definitely gems ready to be discovered. But you won’t find them unless you start reading them, or checking out blogs that talk about them. And guess what?! You’re already batting above average with #1, because you’re here!
And if you’re smart and in-the-know, which I’m assuming you are (because you’re here!), then you also know about the opportunities waiting all over the blogosphere. People and places are talking about Indies! Places like Kindleboards, Digital Book Today, and Indie Author News. But don’t go exploring yet! I’ve got the rest of my list to get through; and I promise it’ll be worth your while to stick around.
2. Affordability. Because of the lack of middlemen sitting between the reader and the author, Indie Authors have the capability to establish fair and reasonable prices. Okay, let’s be honest. Their prices are MORE THAN FAIR. If you ever actually had to sit down next to an author and spend every minute they logged getting their book done, from start to finish, you’d probably wonder why your poor favorite author is writing at all. At the very least, I’m sure you’d be inclined to deliver your poor author a tall spritzy glass of iced lemonade spruced up with a ring of sugar crystals coasting the rim. But no, your poor author isn’t asking for anything such thing as that. An Indie Author writes for the very same reason that all writers write. Because she loves to do so. It makes her a complete, cozy human being, so long as there are healthy relationships waiting to be fostered between her, the WRITER, and you, the READERS. (Sorry, no monogamy here). Basically, the whole idea that writers-love-writing-because-of-readers-who-love-good-stories translates into bunches of affordable books that can be bought by YOU. (Hooray!)

3. Diversity. Despite their impressive wealth and multitudes of employees, large publishing houses are actually limited in what they can publish each year. Really, they are; but it’s not for any reasons that can be held against them. It’s the nature of the beast, the industry’s unwritten rules for survival in a free-market economy. Their publishing “niches” and “brands” limit the types of titles that readers will see on their lists. All publishers have their preferences, their styles, their interests, their tastes, their pigeon holes that they’ve carved out for themselves. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but what is the result of this branding? Similar stories and styles get published over and over, sometimes from the same authors, sometimes from different ones. But sometimes, readers get tired of familiarity.
That’s where the expanding and improving market of Indie Authors is stepping in. Indie Authors, because of their unique, individual selves, have the potential to offer stories that hold their own sense of flavor, that may be just a wee bit different and fresh compared to those that have been blended, toned, and/or reworked to make sure they fit amongst the realm of all the other titles that have come before. While readers appreciate staying-in-the-box, sometimes, it’s refreshing to try something different. What’s different? Indie Authors.
4. “Think globally, act locally.” The idea behind this well-known phrase carries over into any healthy market, especially the Indie market. Readers can know that when they buy directly from an Indie Artist, the money spent helps to directly support that artisan. Meals may be put on a table, little league fees may be paid, rent may be on time, costs for publishing may be recovered, or another tall glass of lemonade can be mixed. It all adds up to helping perpetuate what humans are naturally drawn toward: creation of art.
5. “I knew her back when…” Taking part in a new, exciting, and emerging trend can be personally rewarding and satisfying. Like Indie musicians and Indie filmmakers, Indie Authors represent the next group of brave pioneers, who are stepping into an arena that hasn’t yet been tamed. Readers who take up stride along with them have the chance to be a part of a new era, where they can share their OWN discoveries of talented, fresh voices— their new and exciting favorite Indie Author Heroes. (#inspired?)
6. I know the title of this post says there are FIVE reasons to look for Indie Authors, but here I am at #6. Well, I couldn’t let you go without rewarding you for reading this far. After all, I promised a surprise—or maybe, I just promised it’d be worth your while. And it is, because SPRING FLING has begun! Today, Tomorrow, and the Day-After-That a group of more than 30 talented Indie Authors are giving their ebooks away for FREE! That’s right free. Indie Authors can do that (aren’t they nice?).
This is an opportunity for you to check out the stories of select Indie Authors all in one place, with no queasy-I’m-not-sure-I’m-ready-for-this-type-of-thing feelings that can accompany new relationships. Simply visit and check out the Indie Scene for yourself.
Go on! You’re invited to the party! You’ll find all the links, plus chances to win a kindle and gift cards at
Shaunda usually blogs about writing, her books, and toodles-and-tidbits of other stuff at (Yes, toodles is a word, because Indie Authors can do that.) Feel free to visit her there, but not before visiting !

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