Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Book Buzz: Blood Money by Laura Rizio: A Disturbing Depiction of a System Gone Wrong

Blood Money“In her exciting debut, personal injury attorney, Rizio, crafts a legal thriller with compelling characters and tense action that more than compensate for a familiar premise. An appealing tart cynicism haunts the novel’s scenes. For a debut, Rizio’s novel is remarkably accomplished. An entertaining thriller full of clever touches, whose characters and tone enliven an overworked genre.” ~ Rebecca Cramer Kirkus Indie — Kirkus LLC

Hello Digital Book Today readers. Our Book Buzz segment today features Blood Money by author Laura Rizio an excellent legal thriller that is rated 4.3 stars on 43 reviews. Readers of the legal thriller genre have enjoyed Blood Money. You don’t get a 4.3 star rating with 43 reviews without a quality story. Laura Rizio is a lawyer by trade and users her knowledge to craft an enjoyable legal thriller. Working in the justice system on a day to day basis allows Laura to be exposed to a lot of potential story ideas along with having the legal knowledge to add as background into her story. If you like the legal thriller genre then Blood Money by Laura Rizio should be an enjoyable choice of a read.

“Rizio offers up everything you want out of a legal, suspense novel. Engaging characters, gripping plot, and pure entertainment. Best attribute? Its quality writing –thoughtful attention to detail like character building and coloring the cynical and hardened legal world separate this novel from lesser entries in the genre.” ~ Moma2012, Amazon Review

“This is a book which you will finish in one reading and you will never think of the American justice the same as before the read. This is an inside view of the unpredictability of the jury system and the notion of justice is turned on its head. An inside view of corruption in the very system we have come to depend on.” ~ James A. Hamilton III, Amazon Review

Book Description:
Nick Ceratto, a young, cracker jack litigator looking for a partnership in the prestigious Philadelphia law firm of Maglio, Silvio, and Levin discovers his firm’s dark seceret for increasing it’s bottom line while preparing a medical malpractice case for trial.The partners are setting up major cases by seriously injuring and even murdering their clients to produce huge jury awards. When the firm discovers he knows, Nick’s only hope is to stay one step ahead of the hitman long enough to intentionally lose his case and expose the firm’s corruption. As his mission careens towards an explosive climax, the only question left, is whose lives will be sacrificed along the way. … Read more on Amazon.
About the Author:
Laura Rizio is a litigation attorney with the firm of Rizio,Hamilton& Kane which she co-founded with her husband in 1978. She practices law in Philadelphia and is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University and the Dickinson School of Law.
Prior to her working in her present firm, she was an Assistant District Attorney under Arlen Specter and later became a litigation attorney with the Equal Employment Opportunity Comission trying sex and race discrimination cases.She,along with other members of her team at the EEOC helped bring about a large settlement against Phillip Morris in a failure to hire and promote case.
Currently she represents severly injured plaintiffs who are victims of auto accidents,building collapse, fire, slip and fall in and on premises, and dangerous products as well as medical malpractice.
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“Laura Rizio’s BLOOD MONEY is an amazing legal thriller! Her writing is sharp, realistic, and the story is absolutely compelling, one that leaves you thinking about the U.S. legal system long after you’ve had the pleasure of reading.” ~ The Kindle Book Review
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