Thursday, November 1, 2012

Book Buzz: The Aspen Account by Bryan Devore

The Aspen Account“The nature of Michael’s double life can be frustratingly elusive, but it’s exciting to watch him risk everything in order to unveil an elaborate, insidious conspiracy.” Publishers Weekly
Hello Digital Book Today readers. The Book Buzz segment today features The Aspen Account by Bryan Devore. This is a financial thriller and mystery which is rated 4.6 stars on 17 reviews. We really love some of the readers comments on The Aspen Account including: “Skiing & Accounting! Now there’s an interesting combination!”, “Exciting thriller for anyone who’s worked in a cube!”, and “Accountants just got sexier”. The Aspen Account will surely not disappoint the reader of the thriller, mystery, and financial crime genres. Go ahead and grab a copy of The Aspen Account. It reads like a Grisham book but is centered around finance instead of the legal world.
“An engaging mystery story…Michael is no James Bond, but Devore portrays him with enough panache to keep the pages turning…The fascination is in the telling of how (the essential) conflicts play out. It is an enjoyable read.” ~ ForeWord Clarion Review
Financial Thriller doesn’t disappoint. ~ Laurel, Amazon Review
Book Description: After a colleague at Denver’s top accounting firm dies in a mysterious skiing accident, Michael Chapman is assigned to replace him on an audit of software behemoth X-Tronic. At the same time, rookie journalist Sarah Matthews of the Denver Post starts nosing into rumors that may connect X-Tronic to her brother’s death. And the reclusive Aspen billionaire who founded X-Tronic thirty years ago begins to fear that events unfolding at his company will finally make him pay for a past he would love to forget: when he sold out friends and neglected family in his single-minded pursuit of success. Soon all three will discover just how much they are willing to risk to uncover the truth behind a conspiracy that will shock the world. .… Read more on Amazon.
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“I was not sure about this book but something drew me to it. I have no interest in business and rarely read espionage books, so go figure BUT I am grateful for whatever pulled me in. This was one heck of a good read that I could not put down. The plot moves with lightening speed and along the way there are so many twists and turns your head will be spinning, in a good way. I never thought I would enjoy a book so much when it’s plot centers around an accountant. The author tells the story in such a way that the “accounting” does not get in the way or take way from the meat of the thriller.” ~ SenoraG, Amazon Reviews
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