Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lab Notes by Gerrie Nelson – A Biotechnology Thriller

“What an amazing story – clever, spell-binding, and intriguing. Can’t wait for the next book!” ~ Margaret D. Watson, Amazon Review

Hello Digital Book Today readers. Do you enjoy good science and mystery all wrapped together in a biotechnology thriller? Or “a Grisham like plot with more depth of characters and better research”? If you do then you need to read more about Lab Notes by Gerrie Nelson. This story is “marked with corruption, mystery, intrigue, espionage, and hypnotic excitement.” Follow the main character Diane as she battles the world of corporate greed with her biotechnological research. If you are looking for a fast-moving scientific thriller than look no farther than Lab Notes by Gerrie Nelson. Lab Notes is currently rated 4.1 stars on 17 reviews.

“Nelson has done an amazing amount of research to write a book with so much detail into the science as well as the many different culture groups and countries that show up in this book. The characters are fascinating and the twists and turns along the ride keep one wanting more. Bring on the sequel.” ~ Dr. Dan Brewster, Amazon Reviews

“This book grabs you from the first and won’t let go. It builds and builds and takes you along for the ride. Great character development. Interesting plot.” ~ Jamies, Amazon Review

Book Description: Where secrets collide… Shortly after university researchers Diane and Vincent Rose join a prosperous Houston biotech company, Vincent begins seeing hints of darkness in their new workplace and records his suspicions as if they are scientific data. When Vincent vanishes during a yacht race off the coast of Texas, Diane Rose makes the stark discovery that another BRI scientist disappeared just months before. Is there a connection? Devastated but determined to uncover the truth, she trades her microscope for binoculars and master keys—unaware she’s being watched.

Drawing on her research skills, she covertly investigates BRI’s enigmatic staffers: an animal rights extremist with destructive tendencies, a disgraced scientist with ulterior motives, a shadow employee with dangerous secrets to protect and a sadist who gets his thrills through animal torture. But the hunter becomes the hunted. On the run, Diane follows an international trail of secret societies, ill-fated lovers, greed and murder; all the while fighting an attraction to one of the world’s most powerful men—a man who wants to bed her or kill her—or both….Read more on Amazon.

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“I would probably give the story a 4.5 rating because I think the beginning could be tightened a bit. But once I got involved in the story-line it was a page turner. I was up late last night reading and couldn’t wait to finish the book this morning. The characters are realistic, the plot is involved, and the resolution was satisfying. The author was fair in portraying all the elements of the story and it’s resolution early in the novel, not pulling any surprises to resolve the plot. The ethical considerations faced by Diane are plausible in this day and age. I wonder if there aren’t deals made similar to ones mentioned in the book.” ~ Heather Marsten, Amazon Review

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