Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Making A Kindle Cover From A Classic Hardcover Book

Our guest blog post is by Phoebe Matthews author of several books including Tyrant Trouble (currently free).

Making a Kindle Cover

My new Kindle is black and really easy to mislay. I could have bought a pricey cover but didn’t see any I really liked. And then my brilliant daughter went to a library book sale, spotted a nice clean Nancy Drew with slick hardcover (easy to wipe clean of fingerprints) priced at three bucks and voila! My Christmas present arrived with a custom cover. Here’s what she did.
First, find a cheap book the right size and thickness. Open it and tear out the pages. (Yeah, I know, we book lovers cringe at destruction, so you might want to look for a good clean hardcover on a book that has damaged pages). This Nancy Drew is illustrated so she lined the inside of the cover with a couple of the illustrations.
Second, buy a packet of small velcro tabs. She found a pack with eight tabs for about a dollar. Put three tabs on the inside back cover, measure and put three tabs on the back of the Kindle to match up. The tabs come with tape on the back, press into place, and can be peeled off if necessary.
And that’s it! My Kindle is highly visible from across the room in its bright Nancy Drew cover. Now I must admit that I have about 40 original Nancy Drew cloth hardcovers, many in dust jackets, but of course we wouldn’t dream of ripping pages out of collectibles. Click on the “Read More” tab below to see a picture of my Kindle Cover.
Comment from Digital Book Today: You can also do a search on YouTube for a variety of videos and other methods for making a Kindle cover from old books.

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