Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Book Talk: Talon of the Unnamed Goddess by J.R. Tomlin: A Fantasy Adventure

Talon of the Unnamed Goddess, a Fantasy AdventureHello Digital Book Today readers. Our book talk segment features Talon of the Unnamed Goddess: a Fantasy Adventure by J.R. Tomlin. Readers have been impressed with this beautiful and original fantasy world. Talon of the Unnamed Goddess has a rating of 4.2 stars on 11 reviews and ws a 2010 Epic Award Finalist for Fantasy. Readers of fantasy adventure will enjoy Talon of the Unnamed Goddess.

Book Description: Aisha is the newest Talon of the Raptor Clan, mercenaries prized by rulers, nobles, and the wealthy as elite bodyguards. Her skill with a blade and her magical rune have won her a prized place as a Talon, but she wins her fights through wits as much as her skill. Guarding a spoiled young princess is Aisha’s first assignment for the clan. Surrounded by dangerous plots, keeping the girl alive takes all of Aisha’s guile and so does dealing with the warrior prince who seems to be falling in love with her. When assassination turns the princess into a queen on the run, Aisha needs every tool she possesses to protect her young charge, help her find the strength to grow up and reclaim her throne.

What reviewers are saying about Talon of the Unnamed Goddess:

A Truly Wonderful Fantasy Adventure.” ~ Melvin K. Patterson, Amazon review

Great characters and an original fantasy world ~ Brewster’s BookShelf

Brilliant and Unputdownable Fantasy Adventure” ~ Maxine McLister, Amazon review

About the Author:
J.R. Tomlin: Born in the US, in Texas to be specific, to a Scottish father and American mother, J. R. grew up in both the US and Scotland, mainly in the Edinburgh area, attended university at the University of Texas at Austin and now lives in the US Pacific North West.
She writes both Scottish historical fiction and co-authors (non-Scottish) fantasy with C. R. Daems.

Follow J.R. Tomlin on Twitter: @JRTomlinAuthor

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