Friday, March 30, 2012

What I Love About Books

From Barbar Vey, 3/29/2012, Publishers Weekly

The other day I wrote what bugs me about books, so today I thought I’d write about what I love about books.

1. I love how they make me feel. (Thanks romance)
2. I love how most of the characters become like someone I’d want to hang around with.
3. I love imagining myself living in different times and places.
4. I love figuring out puzzles and who done it.
5. I love picturing myself in the clothing of the time.
6. I love knowing the secrets that the characters know.
7. I love the adventures I’d never get to experience in my real life.
8. I love being so engrossed that I don’t hear anything else around me.
9. I love knowing that others enjoy the same thing I do so we can discuss it.
10. I love to laugh, cry and yes, sometimes sing along with the characters.
This is my love letter to all the authors out there who have shared their imaginations and stories with me so I can escape, for a little while, into wondrous worlds.
Bottom Line: The heck with Calgon. Books…take me away…

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  1. 4 - yes, 5 - never thought of that one before!
    I love being lost in someone else's world. I love travelling, but can't be everywhere, so novels become transport and time machines.
    Also you hear other people's voices, the writer's and the characters, and gain insights into other people's lives that you would never otherwise get.