Sunday, March 18, 2012

Book Talk: Thieves at Heart by Tristan J. Tarwater – An Enchanting New Series

Thieves at Heart (The Valley of Ten Crescents)“I just finished Thieves at Heart and it was the first fantasy book that’s held my attention the whole way through.” ~ Caytlin Reese, Amazon Book Reviews
Hello Digital Book Today readers. Fantasy lovers are sure to love this first book in a new series, Thieves at Heart (The Valley of Ten Crescents) by Tristan J. Tarwater. Readers of Thieves have rated it 4.4 stars on 13 reviews. Thieves at Heart is the start to a new series that fantasy fans will enjoy.

“There’s lots of talented authors who can’t quite seem to enchant the mind quite like Tristan J. Tarwater does in Thieves at Heart: The Valley of Ten Crescents.” ~ Books N Beans, Amazon Book Reviews

“On a scale of 1-10, I’d say this is a strong 9. This is a book I would definitely recommend to fans of the fantasy genre, but also anyone who enjoys a story about a bond between two people who aren’t blood relations, but are family nonetheless.” ~ Mandy, Amazon Book Reviews

Book Description: Little Tavera is a half-elf child in a land of humans, an outsider dragged from bad situation to worse–until Derk whisks her away and adopts her as his own. Tavera soon finds out her new Pa is a master thief, a member of an elite group of professional scoundrels called the Cup of Cream. They make their money that way, sure, but thievery is as necessary as any other profession in the Valley of Ten Crescents; it balances society. To Derk’s–and her own–delight, Tavera grows into a natural thief and works her way toward membership in the Cup. Joining would finally give her some place where she belongs, and it would please the Pa she loves so much. But being a thief means being only one step ahead of the law. When the law finally catches up, Tavera must choose: go against her Pa’s wishes for the sake of loyalty and love; or obey him and survive.… Read more on Amazon.

About the Author:
Tristan J Tarwater is the author of The Valley of Ten Crescents series, as well as several other stories that hope to see the light of day. Born and raised in New York City she remembers reading a lot, visiting Museums and the Aquarium frequently and wanting to be a writer from a very early age. Her love of fantasy and sci-fi spills over into what she reads and watches in her free time as well as the collection of dice, books and small metal figurines that reside in her home. She currently lives in Central California with her Admin, Small Boss, a cat that knows it’s a multipass and Azrael.
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