Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kindle Book Talk: Make Your Own Kindle Cover

The video covers the supplies needed and the process in making a cover for your kindle. All of this is to much for my limited crafting ability, but if you have the urge and a couple of basic crafting tools then this video will teach you how to make a cover.
For the arts and crafts kindle book lovers. Here is a video on how to make your own Kindle cover. It is 4:29 minutes long.

Here is another link for a second option. (This one has no words, but a very enjoyable soundtrack.)

One more video from the National Sewing Month How-To Project for those of you who have a sewing machine. For your kindle or ipod.

Now to see if you are still reading…. we caught our 17 years old teen son with our sewing machine in his room. He likes to buy suits from thrift stores, but the jackets are usually not cut to is slimmer, teen waist. Thanks to Youtube, he figured out how to thread the sewing machine. Then another video taught him how to tailor his suit jacket.

He wore it this past Sunday night to a swimming banquet. It actually looked quite good for $12. Maybe we won’t send him to college after all.


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