Friday, October 12, 2012

Book Buzz: The Bookie’s Son (4.8 stars, 46 reviews) by Andrew Goldstein – FREE on 10/12

The Bookie's Son“Goldstein paints a gritty but vibrant world of the Bronx in the 1960s, with all the changing cultural nuances, the hardships of growing up and poignant human truths behind every scenario within.” ~ Crystal King, Amazon Reviews
Hello Digital Book Today readers. The Book Buzz segment today features The Bookie’s Son by Andrew Goldstein. “I felt like I was actually reading a memoir rather than a novel!” OK now we know that The Bookie’s Son is a novel that is set in the Bronx in the early 1960′s. Next important point. Reviewers have given this book a rating of 4.8 stars on 46 reviews and is free on 10/12/2012. Last important point. Very few books can maintain a 4.8 star rating once they pass 25 reviews. Do yourself a favor and read the description below and/or the reviews on Amazon. We believe that The Bookie’s Son deserves a spot on your “to be read pile” or on your Kindle. Remember it is FREE on Friday 10/12.
“Goldstein’s characters reflect the treachery and sacrifices, the wins and losses of growing up and growing old. In his book there is heart-wrenching tragedy and laugh-out-loud comedy. It is in this contradiction that the genius of Andrew Goldstein shines like a mirror reflecting us all.” ~ Terri Kelly, cable TV host of Books and Authors
This is a fast-paced read full of a rich cast of characters, each drawn with realism and color. Andrew Goldstein does a fabulous job bringing the Bronx of the 50s/60s to life. ~ Kazzese, Amazon Review
Book Description: The year is 1960 and the place is the Bronx. All twelve-year-old Ricky Davis wants to do is play stickball with his friends and flirt with the building super’s daughter. But when his father crosses gangster Nathan Glucksman and goes into hiding, Ricky has to take over his father’s bookie business and figure out a way to pay back his debt—before the gangsters make good on their threats. Meanwhile, Ricky’s mother, Pearl, a fading beauty of failed dreams, plots to raise the money by embezzling funds from one of her boss’s clients: Elizabeth Taylor.
Fast-paced, engrossing and full of heart, The Bookie’s Son paints the picture of a family forced to decide just how much they’re willing to sacrifice for each other—and at what cost. .… Read more on Amazon.

About the Author: Andrew Goldstein is in the third act of his adult life. Act I: Husband, writer, tree planter, assistant librarian, organic orange and olive farmer, school bus driver, Zamboni driver, editor, tennis pro, stock broker, power transformer tube winder. Act II: Father, no longer writer, custom builder, youth soccer coach. Act III: Grandfather, table tennis player, writer again, lives in Concord, Massachusetts and enjoys waking up each morning to the birds chirping and the day that awaits him. The Bookie’s Son is his first novel.
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“I laughed, I cried, I cringed in terror! “The Bookie’s Son” generates all these emotions. It’s a fantastic visit to the richly-textured world of Ricky Davis, a 13-year-old boy in the Bronx in 1960. When the book ended, I had to reluctantly bring myself back to 2012 San Jose.” ~ L.R. Naimark, Amazon Reviews
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