Thursday, October 25, 2012

Book Buzz: Saving Grace by Pamela Fagan Hutchins (4.9 stars, 19 reviews) and FREE

Saving Grace (Katie and Annalise Series)“This is one of those books you just don’t want to put down and are sad when it comes to an end! I can’t wait to meet up with Katie and the St. Marcos gang in the next book.” Heather, Amazon Reviews
Hello Digital Book Today readers. The Book Buzz segment today features Saving Grace by Pamela Fagan Hutchins. Winner of the 2012 “Ghost Story” Houston Writers Guild and Winner of the 2010 Writers League of Texas Romance Manuscript, Saving Grace is rated 4.9 stars on 19 reviews and is FREE from 10/25-10/29. Is Saving Grace women’s fiction? A legal thriller? A mystery? Romance? A ghost story? Suspense?. Check all of the above. Saving Grace is the book you’d get if Janet Evanovich wrote Wuthering Heights meets How Stella Got Her Groove Back: zany, tropical, intense, and eerie, all at once. Readers of Lisa Scottoline will love Katie, Annalise, and the unique and beautiful Saving Grace. Remember it is FREE from 10/25-10/29.
“I loved the main character Katie! She is truly a character I have fallen for! I haven’t loved another character this much since Stephanie Plum.” ~ Stephanie Swindell, Amazon Reviews
“Look out, Evanovich. Hutchins is clever and hilarious. ~ Voodoo, Amazon Review
Book Description: Texas attorney Katie Connell escapes professional humiliation, a broken heart, and her Bloody Mary-habit when she runs to the island of St. Marcos to investigate the suspicious deaths of her parents. But she trades one set of problems for another when she is bewitched by the voodoo spirit in an abandoned rainforest house and, when worlds collide, finds herself reluctantly donning her lawyer clothes again to defend her new friend Ava, who is accused of stabbing her very married Senator-boyfriend. .… Read more on Amazon.
About the Author: Pamela Fagan Hutchins writes fiction and nonfiction. She is a former Human Resources executive and employment attorney who lives with her husband and two high school-aged kids, plus 200 pounds of pets in Houston, but their hearts are still in St. Croix, USVI, along with those of their three oldest offspring.
She has five nonfiction books out with SkipJack Publishing: Hot Flashes And Half Ironmans, How To Screw Up Your Kids, Love Gone Viral, Puppalicious and Beyond, and The Clark Kent Chronicles. SkipJack publishes her first novel, Saving Grace, on November 1 2012. She is also a contributing author to Easy to Love But Hard to Raise and the upcoming Easy to Love But Hard to Teach (DRT Press), Prevent Workplace Harassment (Prentice Hall), and an upcoming anthology of ghost stories (Houston Writers Guild).
She won Romance in the 2010 Writers’ League of Texas Manuscript Competition for Saving Grace (fka Leaving Annalise), and she also won both Mainstream Fiction (2010, 2011 and 2012) and Narrative Non-fiction (2012) in the Houston Writers’ Guild’s Manuscript Competitions for Conceding Grace (novel) and How To Screw Up Your Kids (nonfiction book). She won top Ghost Story in 2012 from the Houston Writers Guild.
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“After a bit of a slow beginning (chapter or two), the book took off and I didn’t put it down until I finished it – all in the same day. I love the island knowledge the author shares and the characters are full-bodied to the point you think you know them personally! I love how the heroine is not perfect; her foibles are like anyone elses, making her easy to identify with in many ways. The house, the lush island feel, the food, drinks – all suck you in and make you wish you were sitting under an umbrella on the island, reading this book! I loved it.” ~ LBDDiaries, Amazon Reviews
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