Thursday, October 25, 2012

Procrastination: The Secret to Success?

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Procrastination: The Secret to Success?
What is the secret to success?
The cliché answer to this is “do not procrastinate!”
I love Clichés, but this one is not always true. I present to the arguments for procrastination:
1. With procrastinating time goes by, including time to discuss the project with others and time to reflect on it. By the time you are writing it last minute, you have maximized the amount of knowledge you could have before writing. Benefit? I think so.
2. When you start things early, there is not much motivation driving you. There isn’t any pressure saying “I have to do this now.” With procrastination, you are always thinking, “I have to do this now or fail.” Plenty of pressure means more motivation. More motivation=More passion=Better writing (maybe).
3. By that same train of thought, more pressure means more focus. You know you need to finish this project now, so there is no time for breaks or distractions. This means your mind will be completely focused on work.
4. Procrastination also means you will be going to sleep later, which means you will be more tired. Thus, unlike early nights where you might have trouble falling to sleep, with procrastination, you’ll fall asleep immediately. You might even fall asleep before you make it to bed.
As you can see, procrastination has many benefits. It can lead to better writing and better sleep. The only possible downsides are that rushing will lead to terrible writing, or you won’t be able to finish it in time, both leading to failure. Other than that, procrastination is clearly the best strategy around.
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