Friday, October 5, 2012

Book Buzz: Cold Eyes by Romina Wilcox – A Cyber Thriller – 4.9 Stars on 55 Reviews!

Cold Eyes“Romina Wilcox has crafted a marvelous thriller that contains elements of cyberpunk… I loved this book and found myself glued to the last 100 pages.” ~ Lonnie E. Holder, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer
Our book buzz segment today features the cyber thriller Cold Eyes by Romina Wilcox. The readers of Cold Eyes have rated it excellent! Excellent? How else would you describe a book with a 4.9 star rating on 55 reviews. For fans of the cyber thriller genre this is a can’t miss book. Enjoy mysteries with a lot of twists and an unexpected ending? Cold Eyes is a perfect choice. Are you afraid all of the “geek talk and descriptions” in the book will be over your head? Don’t be as multiple reviewers have indicated that author Romina Wilcox does a great job in taking the complex and making it simple enough for all readers to enjoy. Cold Eyes deserves to be on your bookshelf (or in your Kindle). We are sure you will not be disappointed.
“If you like fast paced, edge of your seat style mysteries, this book is for you. While technology is at the core of the story, you don’t need to be a computer buff to enjoy it. This is one of those stories that starts up, and never stops going. It’s blistering fast, and very hard to put down.” ~ Jeremy Morgan, Amazon Review
“The storyline was very complicated with a lot of twists and turns. It was brimming over with cybertechnical information. Even though much of it was high-tech, the reader is able to decipher it all. She did a good job of simplifying the complicated. ~ H.L. Wasden, Amazon Review
Book Description: Prominent Stanford researcher, Dr. Brett Russell, is found dead the morning he is to present his latest medical breakthrough. His wife Marianne is devastated, but fear echoes in her grief—has someone uncovered her secret of twenty-five years? Russell’s lab servers are hacked the same night and years of confidential research data—including everything about the breakthrough—is corrupted and now useless. When his personal laptop is also discovered missing, the connection between hacking and murder seems certain—but what is the connection? Was he murdered to get at the data, or was the data destroyed to cover up the murderer’s identity?
The hackings continue on a level never before experienced—like some computer genius has gone mad with his power to penetrate and destroy. Or are the hackings a calculated distraction? The FBI brings in Joanne Gravitz, top software developer at the preeminent cyber security firm OmegaSoft. She wrote Cold Eyes, a program that can trace a hacker’s internet path back to his source computer. Or so Gravitz thought before encountering the hacker who calls himself “CyberGod.” Gravitz is just days out of the hospital after a near fatal accident, and missing the bedside visits from the handsome surgeon whose skill is why she can walk again. But she pushes pain and heartstrings aside to throw herself into finding the hacker. Somehow, CyberGod always stays a step ahead of her, as if he is tracking her. She pushes Cold Eyes harder and takes more risks herself, only to unearth even more evidence pointing to the man she is falling in love.
It isn’t until CyberGod’s capture that Gravitz learns of his true motive, which has nothing do with Dr. Russell, but to a secret his wife had kept from him for more than twenty-five years..… Read more on Amazon.
About the Author: Romina Wilcox has enjoyed a 15-year career working for giant semiconductor companies supporting top Silicon Valley executives. She has a liberal arts degree, a certificate computer programming, and has had initial computer forensic training from Southeast CyberCrime Institute. Her first cyber-thriller, Cold Eyes –an intrigue of murder, cybertheft and love in the Silicon Valley–received Honorable Mention at the 2007 New York Book Festival.
Romina lives in the heart of Silicon Valley with her husband (also a high-tech executive) and their three children.
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“COLD EYES, Romina Wilcox’ debut novel, is fast-paced, suspenseful, and full of twists with a surprise ending. Techies will appreciate the computer details more than will non-techies, but the mystery and romance aspects will capture readers’ attention.” ~ Books-n-Cats, Amazon Review

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