Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Book Buzz: Choose Thin: 10 Proven Secrets To Permanent Weight Loss (4.7 Stars, 38 Reviews)

Choose Thin: 10 Proven Secrets To Permanent Weight Loss“I really needed this book. I am currently on Weight Watchers. I did really good the first couple of months but have fallen off the wagon since the summer started. I was looking for something to motivate me to get back in action and this was it. This book presents ideas that most of us have heard before but to have them in one place, presented in such a real and personal way, was very refreshing.” ~ Vanessa Collins, Amazon Review
Our book buzz segment today features Choose Thin: 10 Proven Secrets To Permanent Weight Loss by Elle Garner. The reviews for the book have been outstanding. Choose Thin: 10 Proven Secrets To Permanent Weight Loss is currently rated 4.7 stars on 38 reviews. “10 Proven Secrects” is not a diet plan but a guide to living a healthy life style. For those who have tried one (or more) of the magical diet plans and have experienced the “YoYo” results, this might be just the book you need to help you achieve your goals. Are you having success with a diet and lifestyle plan currently? Choose Thin: 10 Proven Secrets To Permanent Weight Loss can be used as a perfect compliment to your current program.
“Before you buy another weight loss program that promises you “this and that,” read Elle’s book. It’s all you will need.” ~ Vickie, Amazon Review
“Garner then gives wonderfully simple yet effective action steps. They are so easy, you owe it to yourself to try it for 30 days. I especially love her “10 Proven Secrets.” ~ Kim Nishida, Amazon Review
Book Description: Do you want to lose weight and keep it off for good? This book is based on the 10 PROVEN Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss. The author used these specific 10 Proven Secrets to lose 40 pounds – and then kept it off for good (more than 20 years!). The good news is that YOU can do this, too. There is NO magic pill or diet that will work for everyone. So what makes this weight loss book different from every other diet and weight loss program out there?
This book is a refreshing look at losing weight permanently, based in experience AND proven weight loss. It is simple, but not easy. It is proven, yet no one can do it for you. If you’re ready to end “YoYo Dieting” and realize a healthy weight for LIFE, these 10 Secrets when used in combination are effective, powerful and liberating. Don’t believe the lies – you do not have to buy expensive meal plans, or the latest exercise equipment, or even deprive yourself to lose weight permanently. In this book you get ALL 10 Secrets – yes everything you need in one place to realize a healthy weight permanently. During extensive research, we found these 10 Secret Steps can transform the way you think about hunger, food, and your body. It takes true change and transformation to realize a permanent, healthy weight for your body.
After 30-days of following the 10 Proven Secrets consistently you will not be the same person – and everything you need to follow them is inside this book. You won’t need to purchase anything additional to make this work for you! End your struggle with weight loss permanently! Choose Thin: 10 Proven Secrets To Permanent Weight Loss – a book written by a woman who lived it, proved it, and now is sharing it to help others..… Read more on Amazon.

About the Author: Elle Garner is a writer, optimist, health enthusiast, wife and mom. She uses her love for writing and health as a catalyst to write about topics she is passionate about.
Elle loves to write, read, travel, go to the ocean, spend time with family, play with her dog, hike, boating, and all things green and organic. She also loves NFL Football and the New England Patriots. (GO Patriots!)
She believes achieving health, vibrant energy, a positive life and a healthy weight is easier than you think, and it’s her mission in life to make a difference for as many people as she can.
Visit the website:
Follow on Twitter: @Elle_Garner
“Elle Garner’s book is short in length but packed with powerful methods for losing weight and keeping it off. As a clinical psychologist who has done research on obesity in children, this book is a must read for all those who seek a health lifestyle.” ~ Marlin C. Wolf, Ph.D. Jamie, Amazon Review

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