Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Book Buzz: Shirley Link & The Safe Case by Ben Zackheim

Shirley Link & The Safe Case“I would read the heck out of this, in a series that could go on just about forever. ~ Reviewer

Hello Digital Book Today readers. The Book Buzz segment today features Shirley Link & The Safe Case by Ben Zachheim (read more about Ben in is Bio below). Looking for a great book for the 8-14 year old child in your house that will capture their attention till the last page? Shirley Link is a timeless character much in the mode of Encyclopedia Brown. She is a teen hero that outwits all those around her as she solves the mystery. Shirley Link & The Safe Case is rated 4.7 stars on 16 reviews. We are sure you and your young reader will not be disappointed with Shirley Link & The Safe Case. Don’t forget to check out Shirley Link & The Hot Comic (Volume 2). Both are ideal gifts for the middle grade reader who enjoy mystery, action, and adventure.

“A funny, even sardonic, view of childhood and one girl who’s got it all figured out. Delightful read, perfect for kids 8-14, fast-paced and a good who-done-it…Shirley’s smart and funny!” ~ West Coast Reader, Amazon Review

“I loved everything about this book from the humorous up-tempo writing to the memorable characters to the clever mystery. Shirley Link is the Encyclopedia Brown of the 21st century — only way cooler! I’m looking forward to sharing her with my nieces and nephews and I’m looking forward even more to the next book!” ~ Dalia Hierro, Amazon Review

Book Description: Who is Shirley Link? “I put on my kindest face for the poor man. I even smile a little. Marie slashes her fingers across her neck, telling me to stop with the fake grin. She must think I look creepy again. I keep smiling, though. I need to practice. I have a problem with people thinking I’m mean.” – Shirley Link

And so it goes, for Shirley Link. Brilliant, brazen and still a whole year away from her driver’s permit. Sure, she’s only 14 years old and has homework to do, but she’ll put it aside for the right mystery! Shirley Link’s kickoff adventure pits her against a thief who’s stolen thirty thousand dollars from her school’s safe. Usually, she’d wrap that kind of case up before American Idol. But there’s one intriguing, frustrating detail.The half-ton safe disappeared too! Shirley must find the culprit quickly, or else her beloved principal, Mr. Reese, will lose his job. As she digs deeper, Mr. Reese looks more and more guilty. Will Shirley save him, or get him tossed in jail?… Read more on Amazon.

About the Author: Best known for his work on the video game blog, Joystiq, Ben Zackheim was one of the first writers to jump into the blogging scene. As Joystiq’s first Senior Editor, he and his team of writers led the blog’s meteoric rise to the top of the blogosphere. They enjoyed writing headlines like “Pac-Man Hat defies any fashion sense – buy one now!”

Not satisfied with just writing about games, Ben made some. After producing titles for Sony and ESPN he moved on to AOL’s where his online games (IceBreakers, Penguin Pirates and Book of Treasures) have been played by over ten million people.
Ben’s currently enjoying the work that goes into the Shirley Link series, and can’t wait to roll out his next serialized story. The Camelot Kids is a fantasy adventure in which Merlin gets in over his head when he recruits 150 adolescent descendants of the Knights of the Round Table.
Ben lives in Massachusetts with his wife and son. He’s scheduled to begin teaching classes in digital marketing at New York’s School of Visual Arts MFA Visual Narrative program in 2015.
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“Shirley Link and the Safe Case was one of the best mystery novels I’ve ever read. It grabbed my attention with engaging characters and a twisting and turning plot line. I found Shirley to be interesting and a good role model as well. I really recommend it for anyone ages 8 and up, and possibly very mature 7-year-olds. Definitely a must read, even for adults. Totally worth it.” ~ A Kid’s Review, Amazon Review
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