Monday, December 17, 2012

Book Buzz: Some Are Sicker Than Others by Andrew Seaward – Amazon Top 100 Kindle Bestseller

Some Are Sicker Than Others (An Addiction Recovery Thriller with Crime, Suspense, and Dark Humor)“Seaward not only weaves an exceptionally well-constructed story with wholly credible characters, he offers deeper insights and relates more factual information about the disease of addiction than any other writer to date. ~ Grady Harp, Top 10 Amazon Reviewer

Hello Digital Book Today readers. The Book Buzz segment today features Some Are Sicker Than Others by Andrew Seaward which has been collecting exceptional reviews and ratings since its publication on November 5th. Some Are Sicker Than Others is currently rated an outstanding 4.7 stars on 35 reviews. This is a crime thriller with dark humor that centers around three main characters who are in an addiction recovery program. Some Are Sicker Than Others is a “white-knuckle thrill ride” filled with “colorful character development” and includes a “vivid look into the recovery and rehab efforts” of the main characters. Grab a copy of Some Are Sicker Than Others today. We are sure it will not disappoint.

“Emotionally raw and harrowingly real, Some Are Sicker Than Others is a moving story of redemption. The thoroughly cultivated iced-over setting provides a perfect backdrop for the story; one can easily concoct in one’s mind the snowy, mountainous landscape Seaward paints with his words.” ~ Amy Jodoin, Portrait of an Artist

“Monty Miller’s journey reminds us of the difficult road of acceptance, forgiveness and redemption that we all must take at some point in our lives.” ~ Cyrus Webb, Top 500 Amazon Reviewer

Book Description: Monty Miller, a self-destructive, codependent alcoholic, is wracked by an obsession to drink himself to death as punishment for a fatal car accident he didn’t cause. Dave Bell, a former all-American track star turned washed-up high school volleyball coach, routinely chauffeurs his bus full of teens on a belly full of liquor and head full of crack. Angie Mallard, a recently divorced housewife with three estranged children, is willing to go to any lengths to restore the family she lost to crystal meth.
All three are court-mandated to a drug & alcohol rehab high in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. There, they learn the universal truth among alcoholics and addicts: Though they may all be sick…Some Are Sicker Than Others.… Read more on Amazon.

About the Author: Name a hospital in Pennsylvania, I’ve been there. A rehab in Texas, I’ve stayed there. I’ve been strapped down to hospital beds, thrown into drunk tanks, and locked in padded rooms no bigger than a broom closet. I’ve woken up on railroad tracks, passed out on park benches, I even drank a bottle of cologne once because I couldn’t make it to the liquor store before closing time. And for what? A moment of numbness, a flicker of tranquility? No. I realize now, that the reason I drank was because I was too afraid to admit who I really was. I’m an artist. A storyteller. A writer. An author. It took me a long time to finally admit this, and now that I have, I won’t stop until I’m six feet under.

Based on my own personal adventures in addiction and recovery, my debut novel, SOME ARE SICKER THAN OTHERS, takes you on a hellish journey inside the diseased mind of the addict. From a codependent alcoholic wracked by an obsession to drink himself to death…to a delusional high school volleyball coach with a dependency on crack…the characters in my novel are not just fiction, they are amalgamations of the people I met on my journey. Tragically flawed yet desperately hopeful, this cast of unlikely heroes will challenge your preconceived notions of what it means to be an addict. Some of you will laugh, some of you will cry, others may see themselves in the characters’ lives. Either way, I think you’re going to enjoy the story, because, if there’s one thing an addict isn’t…it’s boring.
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“Some Are Sicker Than Others details the struggles and destructive nature in an exceptionally well written and informative look on the inside of the addiction journey. Mr. Seaward’s colorful characters development is superb and you will truly believe you know, have known ,or will know some of these people in the future. The accurate inclusion of codependency and a vivid look into the recovery and rehab efforts is educational and informative. The suspense of what will happen next makes this a true page turner hard to set aside once you begin.” ~ Randello1, Amazon Review
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