Saturday, December 15, 2012

Book Buzz: Story Time by Linell Jeppsen – A Post-apocalyptic, Sci/Fi Thriller – Free On 12/15-16

Story Time“Ordinary Americans Brave Apocalyptic Struggles: BRILLIANT! ~ Ellen Ekey-Hines, Amazon Reviewer
Hello Digital Book Today readers. The Book Buzz segment today features Story Time by Linell Jeppsen which has been endorsed by readers with a current rating of 4.2 stars on 55 reviews. “Story Time is an apocalyptic tale of earth’s final moments before utter destruction. An event that comes in many forms no one expected, but a lot of them are reminiscent of predictions from the book of Revelations.” This is an excellent Sci/Fi Thriller that will grab you from the very first pages and hold you until the very end. BONUS: Linell Jeppsen is offering Story Time for FREE ($0.00) from 12/15-16/2012! A chance to be exposed to a great read at an excellent price.
“This is absolutely a must read. Even if, like me, you’ve shied away from science fiction, you will love this story about human weakness, human suffering, and human strength.” ~ Sandy Wolters, Amazon Review
Book Description: This is a truly original story about the apocalyptic end of the earth. As natural disasters and alien invaders claim millions, a group struggles to survive the devastation on a remote ranch in Washington State. The tale is unveiled to us as it is being passed down to younger generations by the woman whose family owned the ranch, and also through interviews by a reporter who gives us another side of the story.… Read more on Amazon.
About the Author: Linell Jeppsen is a writer of science fiction and fantasy. Her vampire novel, Detour to Dusk, has received over 24- four and five star reviews. Her novel Story Time, with over 56- 4 and 5 star reviews, is a science fiction, post-apocalyptic novel, and has been touted by the Paranormal Romance Guild, Sandy’s Blog Spot, Coffeetime Romance , Bitten by Books and 54 top reviewers as a five star read, filled with terror, love, loss, and the indomitable beauty and strength of the human spirit. Story Time was also nominated as the best new read of 2011 by the PRG!
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“I have to admit that at first, the weird art on the cover had me very worried…I know one should never judge a book by its cover but I really couldn’t help it. When I started, I hadn’t read any other reviews on it, just to go in “fresh”. For me, the beginning had quite the bang to it. Barely a few pages in and the disaster roller-coaster was at quite the peak. I don’t want to include any spoilers, but suffice to say that the “action” was adequate, the characters rarely got a break and when they did it was just the calm before the next storm.” ~ Alain Casseus, Amazon Review
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