Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cat Lover – 1952 Jaguar XK

HeadwindOur guest blogger is Christopher Hudson author of Headwind (4.4 stars, 9 reviews).

Cat Lover – 1952 Jaguar XK

The waitress sidled up to the table. “Yes?”
“Could I have a little more marinara sauce?” I asked.
“Sure, hon.” She wandered off.
“So, let me get this straight … Uncle Billy’s cousin Bernie willed a car to him?” asked Cheryl.
“Not just ‘a’ car … a 1952 Jaguar XK one-twenty roadster.” I poured a little more ground parmesan on my spaghetti.
“And you’re driving Uncle Billy to Minneapolis this weekend to pick it up?”
“That’s the plan.”
“But Billy doesn’t drive … how are you going to bring the car back?”
“Hank is coming along … he’ll drive my car back and I’ll drive Billy in his new Jag.”
“1952 isn’t exactly new.”
“It is to him. He and Bernie used to dream about owning one when they were in the service together … but Bernie did well enough to actually buy one and have it restored … his wife called Billy last week and told him about it.”
“You mean about Bernie’s passing?”
“No, about the car. Bernie died over a month ago.”
“Didn’t Billy want to go to the funeral?”
“He didn’t hear about Bernie’s death until after the funeral. Another cousin … Sarah, I think he said … sent him an email wondering why he wasn’t at the service.”
“What did he tell her?”
“That was the first time he’d heard about it.”
“Really? No one told him his cousin had passed? I thought they were close.”
“Well, I guess he and Bernie had drifted apart … he said he hadn’t talked to him in over twenty years.”
“And Bernie left him a car?”
“Evidently he specified that the Jag went to Billy in his will … probably because he knew how much Billy wanted one.”
“What is he going to do with a car that he can’t drive?”
“Probably just look at it.” I smiled at the thought of Uncle Billy standing in the parking lot of Back in the Day apartments, staring at the Jag. “No, seriously, he’ll probably want to keep it in our garage and have me use it to take him around on his errands.”
Cheryl laughed. “Oh, now I get it … you’re the one who is excited by this deal.”
“I’d be lying if denied that.”

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