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Goodbye Junie Moon (4.4 stars) A Memoir That Reads Like Fiction

Goodbye Junie Moon“June Collins takes the reader into a world many of us have never heard about: Corruption in the Army clubs and entertainment system during the Vietnam War, so vast, it boggles the mind.” ~ Robert Peter Thompson, Amazon Reviews

Hello Digital Book Today readers. The Book Buzz segment today features Goodbye Junie Moon by June Collins. This is a memoir of a whistle-blower that reads like a fiction book but is verified by numerous news sources. June Collins “bares it all in her honest account of corruption, intrigue, danger and adventure in a world most have not heard about before”. “Artfully and intelligently written; Goodbye Junie Moon keeps the reader interested with a format that sling-shots back and forth between her earlier upbringing and her 3 years working in Vietnam.” June writes this Vietnam memoir from a very uncommon viewpoint as an entertainer instead of a soldier. Readers have found Goodbye Junie Moon an enjoyable read and is currently rated 4.4 stars on 23 reviews. Anyone interested in the Vietnam war should read this book. We are sure you will not be disappointed.

“I loved this book. It made me laugh, it made me cry, but most of all it made me feel I was there.” ~ Hope Ellis, Amazon Review

“June Collins is not afraid to show the steamier side of some of the people who were there to profit from the war, and to use anyone they had to to do so. This would seem like an unbelieveable tale, if it had not been documented by news stories and other sources. I for one am pleased to have read something that tells it like it was.” ~ Florida Bookworm, Amazon Review

Book Description: A curvaceous Australian dancer entertains the troops in Vietnam. She uncovers a get rich quick scheme involving the sergeants running the American Army clubs. Discovering that she has reported them to the CID, they place a high price on her head. She learns they are watching the only airport out, preventing her escape. Then fate steps in, triggering an unexpected turn of events. Goodbye Junie Moon is a memoir which reads like fiction and is guaranteed to keep you turning the page. This true story is verified by numerous newspaper and magazine articles.

Racy, action-filled, heart stopping, poignant; it is all of these!Read more on Amazon.
About the Author: June Collins made international news headlines in 1969 when she became a whistle-blower and testified before a U.S. Senate Committee. She pointed the finger at a group of corrupt American Army sergeants who had made millions in Vietnam by demanding kickbacks from all booking agents and sales people. June had provided entertainment groups to the US military camps during the war. The Khaki Mafia, a slightly fictionalized account of the events, was co-authored with Robin Moore (The French Connection.)
During her many years living in Asia, June had become appalled by the plight of the abandoned street children. In her home country, Australia, adoption was near impossible. Therefore, she chose to remain in the USA. Over the next few years she married an Alaskan King Crab fisherman and together, they adopted six children from India, Korea, Columbia and the USA. The children ranged in age from three to thirteen.
After a turbulent life, she now resides in relative tranquility on a mountain top overlooking the ocean in Queensland Australia.
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“I felt like June was sitting with me telling me her story, her voice came across with honesty and clarity. An extraordinary account of her years in Vietnam but I also related to her life in Australia in the 50′s and 60′s. Not my usual choice but I found it hard to put down.” ~ Caroline Edwards, Amazon Review
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