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They Met at Shiloh by Phillip Bryant – Historical Civil War Fiction

“Even more valuable, if someone asks ‘what was it like to be a soldier in the western theatre of the Civil War,’ They Met at Shiloh is highly recommended. ~ Peter Leavell, Amazon Review

Hello Digital Book Today readers. The Book Buzz segment today features They Met at Shiloh by Phillip Bryant a historical Civil War fiction novel rated 4.0 stars on 25 reviews. The pages of Civil War fiction has introduced Stephen Crane’s Youth and Margret Mitchell’s Ashley Wilkes – soldiers who served a literary purpose in these two classics. However, have you ever wondered how the soldiers on both sides lived, coped, fought, and survived? Why did they volunteer and why did they fight? Who did they pray to and who did they risk life and limb for?
“…I felt like I was hearing the voices of the soldiers.” ”…dodge some bullets, learn a little history.”
They Met at Shiloh is a story of soldiers and battle, fear and duty, of enemies in ones own camp, and a battle that shaped all who found themselves marching to the sound of the guns. For fans of Civil War fiction They Met at Shiloh is a great choice. We are sure you will not be disappointed.

“The story itself is captivating. I enjoyed the experience of Shiloh from the divergent points of view of the different soldiers on both sides, and at times could find myself caught up in the action.” ~ Darlynne Downey, Amazon Review

“I have read many, many Civil War novels over the years and honestly, this is one of the very best. There is a complete and definite sense of authenticity. With each and every chapter, I have felt that I am eavesdropping on the soldiers and circumstances.” ~ Norman D. Dagen, Amazon Review

Book Description: Pittsburg Landing was a place at peace—one that never expected to be the site for one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. Peace is shattered as Confederate and Federal troops meet on the fields and farms surrounding a tiny Methodist church. In the midst of death and destruction, friendships form as four soldiers struggle to survive the battle.

Forced to leave his position as minister, Phillip Pearson knows his life is in danger, but not just from the Confederates. The Harper family, incensed at Pearson’s refusal to bury a philandering son, has a vendetta against him that is played out on the battlefield. Demoted from his command by a West Point graduate, Capt.Michael Greirson is forced to choose between ambition and duty. When a bumbling youth becomes his shadow, Private Robert Mitchell gains an unlikely friend—something that has been missing from his life. Afraid to trust, he is forced to confront those fears and depend on others in the heat of battle. War is an adventure to Private Stephen Murdoch and his best friend, William Banks. For months they dream of the glory of war before volunteering together. On the eve of battle, they sense something momentous is about to happen. Their idealistic views fade in the blood of their fallen comrades.

Of the 40,000 Confederates and 30,000 Federals about to come face to face along the banks of the Tennessee River, these four soldiers will experience fear and questions of faith for what lies beyond. Two days of horrific fighting turn boys into men and sever the sacred bonds of comradeship in the bloodiest days of the war.… Read more on Amazon.
About the Author: Phillip M. Bryant attended the University of New Mexico and earned his bachelor’s degree in history and with a minor in American studies. He has been active in local New Mexico reenacting and on the national level is a member of the 23rd SNY as part of the Army of the Pacific, 1st Federal Division. He has been researching the American Civil War for over 25 years. His sources have included diary accounts, autobiographies, historical monographs and first-hand reports on the actions taken 150 ago published in the War of the Rebellion battle reports and War Department communications.
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“I thoroughly enjoyed Phillip Bryant’s book, They Met at Shiloh. The Civil War novels I have read before were primarily from the view of the officers, especially the generals, but this historical fiction was written from the viewpoint of the privates and sergeants, the men on the front lines. The men who were being targeted with the cannons and rifle fire had a different perspective from those who were planning the strategies. They wondered why they were there, why they were fighting their fellow countrymen. Mr. Bryant did an excellent job of expressing their conversations and thoughts. He also gave perspective on their lives in the military…the hours of boredom, moments of fear and terror, and even moments of heroism, which men on the front lines would probably all experience.” ~ Cheryl, Amazon Review
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