Monday, February 11, 2013

Three Exciting New Book Releases for February 2013 – 2/11/2013

We are highlighting three exciting New Book Releases for February 2013 from our New Release Book List (click to see all the new releases). If you are looking for something new to read this is a great place to start.
The Nameless DwarfThe Nameless Dwarf by D.P. Prior. Red to the elbows with the blood of his people, the Nameless Dwarf’s only desire is to save the ones who got away. The dwarves have gone! Thousands have been slaughtered in the blood-drenched streets of their ravine city by one of their own wielding a demonic axe. The survivors have fled beyond the mountains, heading into a realm haunted by the nightmares of a twisted god. When Nils Fargin, son of an underworld boss, is hired to find them, he travels with his client to seek the advice of a lowlife mage. With what he learns, he should have asked for more money. The trail leads them to the domain of the terrifying Ant-Man, who is rumored to eat the flesh of anyone refusing to pay his toll. And as if that wasn’t enough, it turns out Nils’s client is none other than the Nameless Dwarf, better known to his kind as the Ravine Butcher. The Nameless Dwarf is an epic tale of remorse and redemption that pits a whiskerless thief, a guilt-driven assassin, a consumptive wizard, and an amnesiac dwarf against the worst imaginings of a craven mind. Read more on Amazon.
XpXp by Alison M. Bailey. Set in 1861 in the Nevada Great Basin, XP follows the orphan James Donovan as he rides for the legendary Pony Express. Galloping for twenty-four hours straight, he carries whisper-thin mail, crossing a desolate land—dangerous, yet terrifyingly beautiful. Two clashing worlds battle for his identity—the Paiute Indians who helped raise him, and the Mormons who tried to capture his soul. In a story as vast as the great American West, James encounters men and women of such strong character they survive on desire alone—unforgettable characters, some enchanting, some evil, all courageous. He discovers a love so deep it transcends the imagination. A sorrow so true even nature pauses to mourn. On his journey he meets a twenty-something Mark Twain, experiences the threat of a civil war, all while witnessing a diminishing way of living harmoniously with the land. With a vivid, sensuous style, as sparse as the land itself, Alison Bailey brings to life a time of saddle sores, Indian lore, heartache and glory. Here is the myth, a time in adolescent America when any outrageous dream was possible. An epic tale of an honorable story that is long overdue. Read more on Amazon.
The Shadow RyanaThe Shadow Ryana by C.R. Daems and J.R. Tomlin. Ryana, a worthless girl-child, is sold to a mysterious woman who takes her to the home of the Shadow Sisters who are prized for their abilities as spies and assassins. She survives years of training in spite of being unconventional: adopting poisonous bats as familiars–something no one else would dare to do; choosing the blow dart as her weapon of choice–a weapon the Sisters don’t teach; and relying on intuition rather than logic. As she completes her training, the Shadow Sisters are under attack. The senior Sister selects Ryana to find out who is killing Sisters and why–because her intuitive approach has proved effective, even though her youth and inexperience makes it unlikely she will survive. As she travels through the kingdom as a member of a gypsy clan, she finds the only way she can protect the Sisters and hope to discover the underlying plot is through ever more violence and killing. As she proceeds through the provinces, her secret enemies come to call her the Sister of Death and become desperate to find and kill her. But in her fight to protect the Sisterhood and the kingdom, Ryana fears that she has destroyed herself and the only life she ever wanted. Read more on Amazon.
We are highlighting three exciting New Book Releases for February 2013 from our New Release Book List (click to see all the new releases). If you are looking for something new to read this is a great place to start.

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