Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Book Talk: Innocent Little Crimes by C.S. Lakin: A Psychological “Ten Little Indians”

Innocent Little CrimesA cross between Agatha Christie’s “Ten Little Indians” and William Golding’s “The Lord fo the Flies,” Ms. Lakin’s story is a chilling account of what happens when you bully the wrong person.” ~ Rachelle Ayala, author of Michal’s Window

Hello Digital Book Today readers. Today our book talk segment is featuring another award winning novelist C.S. Lakin. Innocent Little Crimes is a creative psychological spinoff of “Ten Little Indians”, but in a current world setting. The reviews for Innocent Little Crimes have been outstanding resulting in a 4.8 star rating on 13 reviews. Publisher’s Weekly also gave it a wonderful review and positive reviews don’t come easy from them. Follow the link for Innocent Little Crimes to Amazon and read the reviews. We are sure that Innocent Little Crimes will not disappoint the reader in this page turning thrill ride.

“Fast paced and intriguing, Lakin’s Innocent Little Crimes kept me on edge to the end. Her characters were well-developed and not plastic. Lakin did an amazing job of tying everyone together and leaving you in suspense as each new scene developed. Not so innocent, not so little. This is a great story for anyone who enjoys mystery – and don’t we all? ~ Mary M. Forbes, Amazon Review

Innocent Little Crimes by C.S. Lakin, Kept me guessing to the very end. I almost wanted to take a sneak at the back of the book, but I restrained from doing that.~ LL Helland, Amazon Reviews

Book Description: Lila Carmichael, outrageous, bawdy comedienne, is a rich and powerful woman in television. But, it’s not enough she has everything she desires; for fifteen years she has been obsessively orchestrating payback to five unsuspecting, former schoolmates—“friends” who played a nasty trick on her, and now it’s her turn for revenge.

Under the flattering auspices of a cozy college reunion, these unsuspecting classmates are invited to Lila’s private island for a weekend from hell where Lila forces them to play a vicious parlor game—a psychological “Ten Little Indians,” where one by one Lila’s guests are figuratively killed-off. Yet, revenge turns bittersweet when the weekend is over and one guest is dead.
A psychological spinoff of Agatha Christie’s “Ten Little Indians” that Publisher’s Weekly calls “A page-turning thrill ride that will have readers holding their breaths the whole way through.” … Read more on Amazon.

About the Author:
C. S. Lakin is a novelist and professional copyeditor who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, dog, and three cats. The first three books in her seven-book fantasy series, The Gates of Heaven, have been released: The Wolf of Tebron, The Map across Time, and The Land of Darkness, allegorical fairy tales drawing from classic tales we all read in our childhood.
Lakin’s relational drama/mystery, Someone to Blame, won the 2009 Zondervan First Novel award, released October 2010. She just complete writing her eleventh novel, a modern-day take on the biblical story of Jacob called Intended for Harm and her twelfth: The Crystal SCepter (book five in The Gates of Heaven series). Also available on eBook are two mystery/psychological dramas: Innocent Little Crimes and Conundrum. Don’t miss Time Sniffers: a wild young adult sci-fi romance that will entangle you in time!

Lakin has two websites for writers: with deep writing instruction and posts on industry trends. Her site features her critique services. Follow her on Twitter: @cslakin and @livewritethrive and Like her Facebook page:

Facebook Page:
Follow on Twitter: @CSLakin
Grab yourself a copy of Innocent Little Crimes today on Amazon.

I love this retelling of Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians but instead of all the guest getting literally killed off, Lakin, setting this “special event” in the chilly San Juan Islands of Washington state, “kills” off each guest figuratively. ~ Avid Reader of all kinds, Amazon reviews
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