Monday, April 9, 2012

The Final Sentence: A Book Blog of the Last Sentences Of Books

Digital Book Today readers are passionate about their books. There is a lot of emphasis put on the first sentence, paragraph, and pages of a book by authors. They want you to be drawn into the book. A good strategy and greatly appreciated by readers.

Have you ever been reading a book that you were absolutely loving and you turn the final page. You keep reading until you get to The Final Sentence. You read that sentence and think to yourself. Wow, that was a great book!

Here is a link to a very simple blog called The Final Sentence. All it contains is the final sentence to books submitted by readers.

I will have to go and grab 4 or 5 of my most favorite books and see what the last sentence is in them. Below are some samples from the blog.

[Never. Never. Never. Never. Never.] I say those things aloud. Anne Sexton, from “After Auschwitz”
[He would need to kiss her for years and years, and that wouldn’t be enough, either. Behind him the conductor said, “Son, we gotta go.] You’ve got to get on this train,” and the engine chuffed, and chuffed again, and the drive wheels screeched against the rails and the couplings clanked and the car lurched behind him and he said, “I love you, I love you,” and let go and turned away and stepped off the platform onto the moving train. Tony Earley, from The Blue Star

The dead are still here holding our hands. Jackie Kay, from “Darling

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  1. Thanks for the post. It's so true that so much energy is put into the opening lines for marketing I suppose, but the last sentence that is the one that holds you and makes the novel an experience beyond the words.