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Book Talk: Unmentionables by David Greene: A Book of the Year Award Winner

Unmentionables - A NovelThis was the best book I have read in a VERY long time. It is being called “Gone with the Wind meets Brokeback Mountain” and I LOVED GWTW, but this novel seemed even more “rich” than that. David Greene has an amazing way of speaking in the “voice” of the time and the characters being represented.” ~ Khristopher, Amazon Review

Hello Digital Book Today readers. Today we are featuring the award winning book Unmentionables by David Greeen. Unmentionables was awarded the bronze medal for Gay and Lesbian fiction at the Book of the Year awards at the American Library Association in 2011. Unmentionables is a historical fiction title set just before the civil war featuring two couples. Readers have loved Unmentionables and have rated it 4.3 stars on 15 reviews. Read more about it in the book description below.

This book is a fascinating delight. I was so pleased every night to be transported back to the South just before the Civil War. The characters are sharply drawn and the plot kept me on the edge of my seat. “ ~ Marco Polo “Bruce”, Amazon Review

I love stories about the civil war and racial issues that took place back then, and this story combined that along with a couple of very interesting love stories.” ~ Patricia Griffith, Amazon Reviews

Book Description: Unmentionables is about two pairs of lovers in the Civil War south. One couple is straight, white, and wealthy. The other couple is gay, black, and enslaved.
Field hand Jimmy meets Cato, a house servant from a nearby plantation. Jimmy, who despises whites, mistakes Cato for a white man. But soon he learns that Cato is only half white. Cato is the illegitimate son of plantation owner Augustus Askew. With time, Jimmy’s fascination with Cato grows into romantic love.

Unmentionables is also the story of Dorothy Holland, whose parents own Jimmy. Dorothy does not want any man to control her life. When she falls in love with Cato’s half-brother, William Askew, she must persuade him to agree to her terms, and to betray his role as a Confederate army officer.. … Read more on Amazon.

About the Author:
David Greene’s creative life has evolved from film to photography to writing. He wrote and directed the film, Pamela and Ian, in which the characters grapple with the fact that they are shadows of light and that the film must end.
His collection of photographs, called Shameless, was exhibited in Berkeley, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and Zurich.
David also created photographs for the book Men Loving Men. Two of these photographs are in the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.
David is the spouse of painter James Stephens. They live in Chicago.

Website/blog: http://davidjgreene.com/unmentionables.html.
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/Unmentionables.by.David.Greene
Follow on Twitter: @DGreeneWrites
Grab yourself a copy of Unmentionables today on Amazon.
… surpasses the majority of Civil War novels by bringing together two enthralling love stories. Superb historical fiction with a contemporary angle; an enlightening look at the hidden elements of our past. ~ ForeWord Clarion Review
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