Friday, January 4, 2013

Book Buzz: The Leopard Tree by Tim Merriman and Lisa Brochu

The Leopard Tree“Ever think you can’t make a difference? Ever wonder how change happens in the world? Ever desire to do something “big?” Then this book is for you. It will inspire you to do what YOU can do in your own sphere of influence to make a positive difference in your world.” ~ Nancy Bernard, Amazon Review

Hello Digital Book Today readers. The Book Buzz segment today features The Leopard Tree by Tim Merriman and Lisa Brochu. This book was written with the hope of raising awareness of the millions of people in Africa who suffer the effects of malnutrition,malaria, HIV/AIDS, and the unspeakable atrocities associated with armed conflicts. The Leopard Tree won the Best Young Adult Fiction Award in 2008 with Writer’s Digest International Self-published Competition and a Third Place EVVY in the Fiction Division of Colorado Independent Publisher’s Awards in 2008. The Leopard Tree is rated 4.6 stars on 85 reviews and will be a welcomed addition to your bookshelf.

The Leopard Tree is a story I won’t forget. It’s a story that’s touched my mind and heart in permanent ways. Everyone loves a page-turner, the kind of book you can’t put down because of the entertaining journey it takes you on–and this is one of those–but it is also so much more. The Leopard Tree’s story left me feeling inspired and empowered to create positive change in the world.” ~ Kelly C. Farrell, Amazon Review

“Sometimes you search the bookstores and find the right book. But, sometimes, the right book finds you. This was one of those times.” ~ Cal, Amazon Review

Book Description: Three orphans from Kenya stow away on an airplane to embark on a desperate quest to meet the Secretary General of the United Nations in New York City and deliver a message they hope will help millions of homeless and hurting children in Africa. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz becomes their guidebook as they journey alone across the United States. The trio–one with HIV, one blind amputee, and one who hasn’t spoken for years after watching her family slaughtered–find themselves embroiled in a situation beyond their imaginations as they get close to meeting their goal.… Read more on Amazon.

About the Authors: Lisa Brochu and Tim Merriman have spent the last four decades helping people connect with our global natural and cultural heritage. This is their first work of adult fiction, but they have several other non-fiction books in print. Through their books and speaking engagements, they hope to help others to know more and do more about the daily challenges in meeting basic needs that face tens of millions of people in developing nations. When they are not traveling the globe, Tim and Lisa live in Fort Collins, Colorado, on a small farm where they raise much of their own food. They can be contacted by email at and

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“Regardless of your background and experiences, this book will touch your heart.” ~ Patricia A. Perry, Amazon Review
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