Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Give Yourself Permission To Say Yes

Live Life For A Living: An Inspirational Guide To Help Turn Dreams Into RealityOur guest blogger is Lynnette Rozine Prock author of several books including Live Life for a Living.

Give Yourself Permission To Say Yes

We all have creative ideas. We dream of writing novels, or playing sold-out shows in huge arenas. Or maybe we just dream of a entire day, filled with friends and family. Everyone is smiling, laughing, or hugging. We all have those types of thoughts that make our hearts swell with excitement. There really is no lack to anyone’s imagination, regardless of how creative you think you aren’t. It is in you. The inspired thought exists in every single being. We all have thoughts.
Where most people lack in fulfilling meaningful dreams, is the follow through. We have the idea and then instantly think of one thousand reasons why that can’t or won’t happen. “Yea, but…” or even “Yea, right!” thoughts immediately come to mind. Why is that? What is stopping us from giving ourselves permission to say “Yes!”?
This is not necessarily a conversation about saying yes to the entire big thing, the dream, the creative idea. But rather about stopping the NO that immediately comes up after the inspired thought. Even giving ourselves a solid “maybe” is stronger than simply giving up. Because, that’s what it is. When we allow our mind to listen to the “Yea, but…” or the “Yea, right!” statements, we give up on our creative dreams. There is not a chance in the world for a dream to exist if it isn’t first given permission.
We must give ourselves permission to say “Huh. That’s a pretty good idea!” and “Yea, I’m willing to try that!” Practice saying Yes! on a regular basis to experience the magic of the law of attraction. I’m curious to hear your stories about how amazing opportunities have suddenly opened up for you. Let’s have that conversation over on the My Dreams Matter Facebook page. Shall we? YES!

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