Saturday, January 12, 2013

What Makes Good Fiction Good?

World of Shell and BoneOur guest blogger is Adriana Ryan author of World of Shell and Bone.
What Makes Good Fiction Good?
I think it’s safe to say that I’m completely and totally addicted to Breaking Bad. We don’t have cable, so I watch it as a reward for a good writing or editing day via Netflix Instant Streaming.
We’re not big on TV around here, so I had to analyze what it is about the writing of this TV show that has me so hooked.
I think I got my answer tonight, after the lovely episode where attorney Saul Goodman is introduced: subtle humor and excellent research.
Now that I think of it, those two things are highly prized even when I read books. If I find something to do with psychology in a book, it has to be as close to accurate, or I’m put off. The same goes for humor–over the top and I’m likely to roll my eyes, but give me dry sarcasm and I’m like putty in the author’s hands.
What about you? What about a really good book (or play or TV show) pulls you in and won’t let go? Share with me!

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