Friday, January 18, 2013

Book Buzz: White Jade, 4.5 Stars, For Fans of Vince Flynn, FREE 1/18-1/20

White Jade (The PROJECT: Book One)“The author’s tight, terse prose is muscular and punchy; it reads like Hemmingway filtered through Vince Flynn. It’s deceptively simple and a joy to read because it so perfectly fits the character of Nick Carter. ~ Andrew Marino, Amazon Reviewer

Hello Digital Book Today readers. The Book Buzz segment today features White Jade (book #1 in the Project series) by Alex Lukeman. If you love “murder, foreign intrigue, FBI, CIA, plots and plenty of action”, then White Jade is a perfect pick to read. “In between the fast moving plot there are a lot of interesting details both historical, political and some of them playing along with legends or myths.” Readers have been greatly impressed with White Jade and have given it an outstanding rating of 4.5 stars on 51 reviews! “White Jade is a great read that pulls you in and keeps you turning the pages.” BONUS!! Alex Lukeman is offering White Jade for FREE ($0.00) from 1/18-1/20/2013. Don’t miss on this great chance to pick up this book.

“Alex Lukeman’s White Jade was a page turner. I totally got into the characters and can’t wait for his next book to find out what they will get into next. The images still linger. Well researched and yes, I couldn’t put it down until the end.” ~ Reader, Amazon Reviewer

“If you need something to read that is action packed/ a touch of possible paranormal and “GI Joe meets tough woman of his dreams while saving the world”, this is the book .” ~ Douglas C. Meeks, Amazon Reviewer

Book Description: White Jade spins a web of deceit and murder across the globe, against the backdrop of a deadly international power game. Former Recon Marine Nick Carter is a man with a dark history of emotional and physical scars. He works for the PROJECT, a covert counter-terrorism unit reporting to the President. Selena Connor is a beautiful, strong and skilled linguist. When her wealthy uncle is murdered by someone looking for an ancient book about the elixir of immortality, she’s thrown into Nick’s dangerous world. Nick is assigned to protect Selena and help her recover the missing text. It’s the beginning of a life and death adventure reaching from San Francisco to Beijing, from Washington to the hidden chambers of Tibet. Someone is determined to take over China and attack America–and Nick and Selena are right in the line of fire. International intrigue, terrorist acts and the threat of nuclear war form the core of this fast-paced thriller, the first volume in a series featuring Nick, Selena and the PROJECT…. Read more on Amazon.

About the Author: I’m a former Marine and musician. My first book was a Sword and Sorcery novel, “The Bane of Kanthos”, published as an Ace paperback in 1969 under the pen name of Alex Dain.
I live in Northern California in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains. I like riding old, fast motorcycles, sipping Barbados rum and playing guitar, usually not at the same time.

I write action/adventure thrillers. White Jade is the first in a series featuring the PROJECT, a covert, small intelligence unit reporting only to the President. THE LANCE is second in the series, the third is THE SEVENTH PILLAR. BLACK HARVEST is Book Four. Book Five is now in progress and will be released in December of 2012. Any of the books can be read out of sequence.
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“When one loves thrillers, as I do, exciting prose is expected and welcome. An added …and rare..benefit is when a thriller not only excites, but it educates. White Jade is just such a thriller. Alex Lukeman, drawing on a facinating background, has written a truly enjoyable thriller that also leaves the reader with much facinating information about various cultures, both current and ancient. This makes for a very rewarding reading experience.” ~ Rick Friedman, Amazon Review
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