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Book Buzz: Noble Cause – “A Riveting Piece of Historical Fiction” – 4.5 Stars, 68 Reviews!

Noble Cause: A Civil War Novel of Love and WarNoble Cause is a riveting piece of historical fiction, very much highly recommended reading. ~ Midwest Book Review, June 2011

Hello Digital Book Today readers. The Book Buzz segment today features Noble Cause: A Civil War Novel of Love and War by Jessica James. This is the award-winning Civil War novel Shades of Gray retitled Noble Cause with a new happily ever after ending. Noble Cause is rated 4.5 stars on 68 reviews by readers. Wow! Noble Cause was a Finalist in the USA “Best Books 2011 Awards for Historical Fiction. If you enjoy Civil War history, historical fiction or romance then do yourself a favor and read more about Noble Cause. We are sure you won’t be disappointed in this multiple award-winning historical fiction novel that one reviewer called a “Superb Civil War Romance, Six Stars”.

“ As a Civil War history lover, I can’t explain my excitement when reading Noble Cause. This is a wonderful mix of Civil War history and a love story that proved love can endure in the harshest of circumstances.” ~ Bonnie Divelbiss, Amazon Review

By weaving a romantic story between a Union spy and a Rebel officer, Jessica James brings to life so beautifully the time period, the personal cost of war to both sides and the conflicts and pain it brought to people just trying to live their lives as best they could in such a tragic time. I agree with a reviewer on the jacket who said it was comparable to “Gone With the Wind” in scope, grandeur and quality. ~ MaryBeth Vincent, Amazon Review

Book Description: This is the tale of Colonel Alexander Hunter, a dauntless and daring Confederate cavalry officer, who, with his band of intrepid outcasts, becomes a legend in the rolling hills of northern Virginia. Inspired by love of country and guided by a sense of duty and honor, Hunter must make a desperate choice when he discovers the woman he promised his dying brother he would protect is the Union spy he vowed to his men he would destroy. Readers will discover the fine line between friends and enemies when the paths of these two tenacious foes cross by the fates of war and their destinies become entwined forever.
Author Jessica James uniquely blends elements of romantic and historical fiction in this deeply personal and poignant tale that, according to one reviewer, “transcends the pages to settle in the very marrow of the reader’s bones.” Winner of numerous national awards, James has received critical acclaim for this page-turning story of courage, honor, and enduring love. Destined for an honored place among the classics of the American Civil War, Noble Cause is a book to read, and keep, and remember forever. Read more on Amazon.

About the Author:
Award-winning historical fiction author Jessica James resides in Gettysburg, Pa., where she enjoys writing and reading about the American Civil War. Her Civil War novel Noble Cause is the winner of the 2011 John Esten Cooke Award for Southern Fiction and the Next Generation Indie Award for Regional Fiction.
It was also Finalist in the Romance and Historical Fiction categories. Most recently, Noble Cause was announced as a bronze winner in Forword Magazine’s BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD contest in the Romance category.

Originally published as Shades of Gray, Noble Cause provides readers with a new, happily ever after ending to the classic romantic tale. Shades of Gray was the winner of numerous national awards and has hit #1 on the Amazon best-seller list in its category.
James is featured in the book “50 Writers You Should Be Reading,” published in 2010.
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“This is a beautifully written book capable of transporting you back in time to a war fought brother against brother; each equally willing to give their lives for their beliefs and the land they love. I found myself “riding with the heroine, feeling her conflicting emotions, at times as frustrated as much as the men in her life”. If you love history, if you love the English language, if you love romance, don’t miss this book!” ~ Cynthia Benefield, Amazon Reviews
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