Wednesday, April 10, 2013

CURE by Belinda Frisch – For Fans of Zombies and The Walking Dead

“This book is not for the faint of heart, crazy Dr performing experiments on innocent Women, this book had it all, blood, gore and lots of tense action.” ~ MS Darko, Amazon Review
Hello Digital Book Today readers. Our featured book is CURE byBelinda S. Frisch. Are you one one of the many fans of the Zombie genre? A fan of The Walking Dead TV series? Do you wake up in the morning wondering when you open the door if the world is going to be crawling with Zombies? Then get ready for CURE where medicine meets horror in this thrilling Zombie series. Cure has been greeted with open Zombie arms as reviewers have rated it 4.1 stars on 46 reviews. If you love Zombie series than grab a copy of CURE ($0.99 for a limited time). Now available is Afterbirth (book two of the Strandville Zombie Series).
“What can I say. I am a fan of zombie books and this was a great read, an interesting twist on the genre. I really enjoyed reading it!” ~ SilverRiverJewelry, Amazon Reviews
“Strandville… a place I would never want to visit as a single female! Women, of child bearing age, in a small town start disappearing. Weird zombie experiments take place in a big medical facility.” ~ RC Bennett, Amazon Review
Book Description: Medicine meets horror in this thrilling escape tale about the evil men do in the name of progress.
Welcome to the Nixon Healing and Research Center, playground for the maniacal Dr. Howard Nixon whose medical research has him dabbling in the undead and has the women of Strandville disappearing. Desperate to find a cure for the lethal virus which turns its victims into zombies, Nixon kidnaps Miranda Penton, a security recruit with a past that won’t let her go. He doesn’t count on anyone coming looking for her, least of all her ex-husband, Scott.
A warning call brings Scott to Strandville where he bands together with a team of locals determined to bring their own loved ones home. Together, they infiltrate Nixon’s staff, hatching a plan that releases not only the surviving women, but the virus on those left in the hospital. Nixon locks down the center to contain the spread, turning patients, visitors, and staff into a dangerous horde that is almost impossible to escape. Miranda and the others fight for their lives. The town of Strandville is ground zero for the zombie apocalypse and Miranda must get free because the fate of humanity lies with her unborn child. …Read more on Amazon.
About the Author: Belinda Frisch’s fiction has appeared in Shroud Magazine, Dabblestone Horror, and Tales of Zombie War. She is an honorable mention winner in the Writer’s Digest 76th Annual Writing Competition and her novel, CURE, is the runner-up in the General Fiction category of the 2012 Halloween Book Festival. She is the author of DEAD SPELL, PAYBACK, CURE, and AFTERBIRTH.
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“This book is A MUST READ!! I loved how refreshing the storyline was.The idea of of using zombie sperm to impregnate innocent woman in an experiment gone totally wrong. The characters I loved. Even the villians .The story fast paced It was easy to read not alot of useless stories to make a story.It was refreshing in that there were not any winners only hope for the outcome of their demise. I can’t wait until After birth. The second book out in March.” ~ December, Amazon Review
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