Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hudson Catalina – A Genre Bending Suspense Fiction With a Tie-in to April is Autism Month

A riveting story, both powerful and poignant in its telling. Merlino’s immense talent shines on every page. ~ Howard Roughan, New York Times bestselling author
Hello Digital Book Today readers. Our featured book is Hudson Catalina by Linda Merlino. This genre bending suspense fiction is a perfect choice for readers who have enjoyed Alice Sebold’s Lovely Bones. Another similar book is You’ve Been Warned by James Patterson and Howard Roughan. Hudson Catalina is similar with her story beginning being laid out on a gurney recounting what has happened to her in the the past twenty-four hours. Throughout the novel it is never clear whether she is dead or alive.  Not until the last line does the reader know for sure.
In addition: There are three people taken hostage by a killer in this story-one of them is Hudson Catalina and another is Willy Wulinsky, a young autistic man. April is Autism Month and I feel strongly that we as a collective should never assume the capabilities of another, especially individuals with autistic spectrum disorder.  Willy Wu is an unassuming hero and as the story unfolds he defies the boundaries of his limitations through an extraordinary act heroism. Readers will find hope among the pages of Hudson Catalina.  
“Captivating would be an excellent word to express how I felt about this book . From the moment I picked it up to the very last sentence I was moved and intrigued.” ~ Isaac1943, Amazon Reviews
“One of the best books I have read recently. You really feel for the characters. I had to read the ending twice. I will definitely read more books by this author.” ~ Jamie Treischel, Amazon Review
Book Description: One day has the power to change a life forever… During a Nor’easter that pounds Cape Ann, Massachusetts, Hudson Catalina—wife, mother and breast cancer victim—makes her regular chemotherapy treatment despite a loss of hope, then sets off in the family’s old pickup to find all-occasion decorations for her daughter’s fourth birthday party.
But fate has other plans for Hudson. At Whales Market, she meets Willy Wu, an autistic grocery cart collector, and Ruby Desmond, the storeowner. Destiny has brought the three together to be taken hostage by a killer more brutal than any form of cancer. Now Hudson Catalina must face her darkest fear—her demon…death.…Read more on Amazon.

About the Author:  am a long hand writer. As a mother of three children with an itch to write, I had to find the time, anywhere any place. There was no sacred space in my car during soccer practices, under an umbrella on raindrenched sidelines, or in fast food restaurants and in chain hotels.
The re-release of my novel (Belly of the Whale 2008), now Hudson Catalina came on September 15, 2012 through Imajin Books, as an ebook first and then a few days later as a paperback.
Blessed in so many ways, I embark on this authors journey to invite you the reader to know and love Hudson Catalina. Please feel free to leave a review.
I was born in New England, near the setting for Hudson Catalina, Cape Ann is one of my favorite places on the planet.
Writing defines me, how about you?
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“BRAVO! “HUDSON CATALINA” returns us to the lost art of great story-telling! Jimmy Breslin said writing should ‘do it like the radio.’ Author Linda Merlino has done it – with a style and originality all her own. I can see and feel every page she has written. Thank you, Ms. Merlino, for crafting 160 pages of living, breathing language – that rarest of gifts from a novelist – and irresistible to this reader.” ~ Readerist “Not Asleep Yet”, Amazon Review
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