Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Individual’s Dream

Our guest blogger is Douglas Robbins author of The Reluctant Human.

The Individual’s Dream

The individual’s dream is never a dream to live on Mars and eat a ham sandwich. But it could be. Dreams are simply potential that was planted in our souls long before birth. And it consists of possibility. Each one of us has a different set of unique characteristics to fulfill for our betterment and the betterment of humanity. It is the way the world moves forward.
It is our responsibility as human beings to water that seed and tend to it. For that is our best self, our most fulfilled self, and in turn, our most radiant world. If we do not tend to that inner calling the soil dries, the answers become distant, and we become regretful of what we could have been as the world suffers. Then we end up watching television nightly and eating too much as the fears grow and our blood and thoughts sour.
Yet the dream has never been to cow-tow or be afraid or miss the shot at the buzzer, but it is to stand honorably and upright with our hearts, minds, and souls, fulfilled.

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