Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Exoskeleton by Shane Stadler – For Fans of Science Fiction and Horror

While advances in technology, medicine, and society have improved our everyday quality of life, this novel explores their oft overlooked potential to serve a more sinister, darker purpose. I, like others, found myself reading through this riveting, well-paced story in a single sitting. Many levels of horror and suspense are employed, ensuring an engaging read for all. ~ Joe Presti, Amazon Review
Hello Digital Book Today readers. Our featured book is Exoskeletonby Shane Stadler which is rated an outstanding 4.5 stars on 38 reviewsExoskeleton is “officially classified as a science fiction book, it comfortably fits the characteristics of a suspenseful psychological thriller”. It has been giving readers all that they can ask for and more. Exoskeleton is a dark ride on the boundary between science fiction and horror. If you are interested in the science fiction, thriller, or horror genres than do yourself a favor and read more about Exoskeleton by Shane Stadler. We are sure you will not be disappointed.
“This story gripped me from page one and never let go. I thought I had read every idea in Sci Fi until I opened this book.” ~ BlueRanger1, Amazon Reviews
“Lots of scenes had me cringing and I don’t normally like gory fiction but this was so well done. Good characters, good dialog and plot developments I couldn’t see coming.” ~ Desert Dweller, Amazon Review
Book Description: A convicted felon is given a choice following his sentencing … Serve a twenty-five year conventional prison sentence … Or spend 365 days in a new, experimental corrections program.
He opts for the experimental program … Only to realize he has made a horrible mistake.
Exoskeleton … a dark ride on the boundary between science fiction and horror. …Read more on Amazon.
About the Author: Shane Stadler grew up in southern Wisconsin. After graduating from Beloit College (WI) in 1992, he earned a Ph.D. in experimental physics at Tulane University in 1998. He has since worked at numerous government research and defense laboratories, and is currently a professor of physics at a major research university. Exoskeleton is his first novel.
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“The title doesn’t even begin to express how much I enjoyed reading this book! I always seen to stay clear of books of this genera. But I am absolutely happy that I happened to stumble across it on my email of free amazon ebook’s for the kindle. I read it out loud to my significant other, and we both did not and could not stop reading it, the twists and turns kept coming, and the unexpected too! It was a mix of so many things like, excitement, horrific, scientific, sympathetic, gory, appalling, mind-boggling, and I could go on and on. But you get the picture. It was a fantastic book, and it’s one that I wish would be made into a movie. Surely that movie would be not only a Oscar nominee but the Oscar Winner! And has already been sent into my pile of books to re read in the future. Great Job Shane! And I will continue to tell my family and friends!” ~ Desiree Nicole Bailey, Amazon Review
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