Monday, June 18, 2012

Book Buzz: Fix by Force: Jason Warne: A Must Read for Teens and their Parents

Fix by Force“This book is a must read for anyone especially the early teens. All kids between 12-16 should read this book. This will show them that there is no quick fix to life. Be happy with who you are and you will make it through life just fine. This is a great and inspiring story that all kids should know. ~ Wayne Michaels, Amazon Review

Hello Digital Book Today readers. Our Book Buzz segment today features author Jason Warne and his gripping book Fix by Force. This is a must read book for parents and their teens (boys) especially if they are playing sports. This fiction story tackles the issue of being small, under developed, bullied, and an option that is widely available to teen boys. The use of steroids to drastically change their bodies. Fix by Force has received a well deserved 4.7 star rating on 24 reviews since the March 28th release date. Do yourself and your teen son a favor by reading Fix by Force. Approx: 188 pages.

“The best kind of book is one that leaves you thinking about it long after you’ve read the last word. Fix by Force is that kind of book. Ultimately, I am going to recommend this book to everyone I know, as it is the kind of story that every parent and teen should read.” ~ Sheri, Amazon Review

“A truly great rendition of being a teenager growing up in a struggle to fit in. Jason Warne paints such a detailed picture of most average teenage youths, and how they try to find ways to fit in…disregarding the consequences.” ~ Ryylerz, Amazon Review

Book Description:
Spencer doesn’t have a choice.He can’t choose to be different from what he is—the son of the town’s worst enemy, the weakling who can’t stand up for himself, the loser without friends. He can’t change the way things are. Or maybe he can. Immediate confidence. Rapid change. Instant hope. These are the things Spencer believes he needs to fix his life, and that is what the steroids promise—a quick fix. But promises can be broken and shortcuts are often treacherous, and Spencer must decide if those risks are worth the perceived rewards—if “artificial” hope is strong enough for him to be fixed, by force.… Read more on Amazon.
About the Author:
With his debut novel, Fix by Force, Jason Warne hopes to entertain and inspire readers. His fast-faced story about self-image, relationships, choices, and sources of hope, aims to speak most loudly to readers who are seeking authentic and relatable characters.

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“Fix by Force is short but powerful. The writing is great, and the added twists and turns in the novel make it all the more enjoyable. It’s not an easy read because the topic is not easy, but I dare you to walk away from the book without being changed. I highly recommend it.” ~ BlogFulofBooks, Amazon review
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