Thursday, June 21, 2012

Book Buzz: Then I Invented The World by Stanley Herman: A Cosmic Comedy

Then I Invented the World (A Cosmic Comedy)“If you want complex philosophical ideas in a fun and easy read, then this book is a must. The author has a knack for ‘divine comedy’ which explores some of the big questions of Life. Reading the book reminded me of the ancient Greek dialogs put in modern and easy to read form.” ~ Ra Mon, Amazon Review

Hello Digital Book Today readers. Our Book Buzz segment today features author Stanley Herman and his book Then I Invented The World which is rated 4.9 stars on 12 reviews. A cosmic comedy? This is what you get when God and Lucifer decide to start using an online forum. A great way for these two characters to meet a whole world of people from all corners of life. Then I Invented The World does a terrific job in balancing “divine comedy” while exploring many of the real world issues of today with a varied cast of real world characters.

“Mr. Herman knows his religions, psychology and philosophy in depth, has a very dry sense of humor and shows a great appreciation of humanity and its foibles. A great read.” ~ Kip Winsett, Amazon Review

“God is very much alive in this lively discourse in which the author pulls off the difficult trick of walking a tightrope between comedy and cosmology, using each to balance the other. Perfect choice for book clubs because there is so much to think and talk about. A terrific reading experience.” ~ Tired of Being Ripped Off, Amazon Review

Book Description: Fanatical extremists, with a brilliant master plan, two big, dirty nukes, and a team of eager suicide bombers, plot a masterstroke of terror. Meanwhile, God is preoccupied in an online forum, chatting with a diverse group of human characters about his long simmering issues with humanity. The world’s best hope for survival is Legion, a cloned product of illegal Germline engineering, and perhaps God’s next prophet, unless he becomes Lucifer’s King of the World instead.
With God’s absence, Heaven is divided by internal dissension as its greatest general, the archangel Michael, and his colleague the archangel Uriel, plan a preemptive strike against Lucifer’s and his demons.

A startlingly credible “what-if” story that is as funny as it is exciting. Meet Lucifer, the slick yet sensitive leader of a bunch of misfit demons, in a hell that is crumbling from neglect, and his divine foes, archangels Michael and Uriel. Meet young Legion, the cloned billionaire industrialist who must choose between God’s authority and the devil’s temptations, including the irresistible Lilith—men go to bed early just so they can have bad dreams of her. And meet God, if that is who he really is, who needs to decide whether or not to just ditch this whole humanity thing and spend his time elsewhere. ..… Read more on Amazon.

About the Author:

Stanley M Herman is the author of five books published by major print publishers, including the best selling “The Tao at Work–On Leading and Following”. His work has been translated into Japanese, Spanish and French. He has also written more than 100 articles, stories and columns published in professional journals, popular magazines, newspapers and business press. Two of his books have been adapted as videos. He has appeared on The McNeil-Lehrer Newshour and been a guest on public radio’s ‘These Days’, as well as other shows.
After three decades in the study of Eastern and Western wisdom, and as an explorer in many forms of spiritual expression, he brings a wise, yet light-hearted understanding to his writing. His current focus is on facilitating an individual’s ability to tap into his and her ‘personal spirit’ in ways that have practical uses for enhancing life and labor. “As I see it”, he says, “I’m a seeker AND a finder–someone who has been busily engaged in expanding and extending my perspectives, and I like passing on what I’ve learned, along with a few smiles to brighten things up.” His books include The Tao at Work (Jossey-Bass), A Force of Ones (Jossey-Bass), Authentic Management (Addison Wesley), and the People Specialists (Knopf).
Herman has worked as an international management and organization consultant to senior officers in major companies, religious organizations and the US Army, where he won praise for his pioneering work in the field of authenticity and personal power in the world of work. He has taught at the University of Southern California, the University of Richmond, UCLA, Pepperdine University, and the Federal Executive Institute.
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“A creative, intelligent, and entertaining book! It opens up a whole new perspective and take on religion and the bible (of which I know very little!), bringing it into today’s world in a humorous, imaginative, yet believable way. It held my attention with the very human characterizations of God, biblical stories and characters.” ~ Elizabeth V, Amazon review
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