Thursday, June 14, 2012

Top 20 Father’s Day Gift Books – Part 1

As we approach Father’s Day we are listing our Top 20 Father’s Day Gift Books (paper or eBook). All of our book choices have a minimum of 4.4 stars and 20+ reviews. Below are our first set of 5 picks.
Crashed (Junior Bender #1) (The Junior Bender Series), Timothy Hallinan, 5.0 stars, 30 reviews, Mystery.
H.E.R.O. – Metamorphosis, Kevin Rau, 4.4 stars, 22 reviews, Dad’s who like superheros.
The Ambassadors Wife, Jake Needham, 4.4 stars, 29 reviews, Thriller and Mystery
Memoirs Aren’t Fairytales: A Story of Addiction, Marni Mann, 4.8 stars, 76 reviews, Addiction.
Dark Mind, Jennifer Chase, 4.5 stars, 31 reviews, Police mystery.
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Murder Takes Time, Giacomo Giammatteo, 4.8 stars, 30 reviews, Mystery. Thriller.
Who Murdered Garson Talmadge, David Bishop, 4.8 stars, 28 reviews, Mystery.
King of Swords, Russell Blake, 4.6 stars, 25 reviews, Thriller.
Death by Chocolate, Sally Berneathy, 4.8 stars, 28 reviews, Mystery.
Hide’n Go Seek, Dale Mayer, 4.8 stars, 30 reviews, Paranormal.
Notes from the Firehouse, D.E. McCourt, 5.0 stars, 26 reviews, Memoir
Wendy and the Lost Boys, Barbara Silkstone, 4.7 stars, 25 reviews, Comedy Mystery
Sandman, Morgan Hannah MacDonald, 4.7 stars, 169 reviews, Police Mystery
That Bear Ate My Pants!”, Tony James Slater, 4.7 stars, 55 reviews, Humor, Travel.
My Emily, Matt Patterson, 4.9 stars, 50 reviews, Inspirational
Night Corridor, Joan Hall Hovey, 4.4 stars, 50 reviews, Suspense
Bull Street, David Lender, 4.4 stars, 49 reviews, Thriller
Drop By Drop, Keith Raffel, 4.5 stars, 36 reviews, Thriller
ETA – Estimated Time of Arrest, Delphine Pontvieux, 4.8 stars, 40 reviews, Thriller
The Zul Enigma, J.M. Leitch, 4.5 stars, 24 reviews, Futuristic Thriller

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