Friday, June 8, 2012

Elements of a Viable Book Review – Interview with Gabino Iglesias

VigilareThis post come from Brooklyn James author of Vigilare (4.8 stars, 13 reviews, Suspense).
Elements of a Viable Book Review. Ever read a great book, or maybe a not-so-great book, and had the desire to share your opinion? Book reviews are a superlative way to share your thoughts about the books you read. Consider the time you invest in reading, whether it be occasional or daily undertakings. Your opinion is just as viable as one offered from The New York Times. If you fancy yourself a reader, you are only a few informed steps away from donning another cap; REVIEWER.
At its most basic form, it’s simple economics; supply and demand. Tell us what you want, what you like, what you expect from the books you read. Writers read reviews. Good writers, take heed of such reviews. Readers who review are a writer’s lifeline. Tell us what you want. Give us your demands. I promise, we’re waiting to supply you with such.
My guest today is Gabino Iglesias, a professional Book Reviewer, whose work has appeared in the Austin Post, San Antonio Magazine, The New York Times, Bizarro Central, Business Today,among a few other places. Big thanks to Gabino for stopping by to share with us a few pointers on how we, as readers, can be a driving force in the book market. Through book reviews, readers can affect the market, making their voices heard, whereby increasing the demand for books they find enjoyable.
Brooklyn James: Say I’m an avid reader who likes to post an occasional review of a particular book that merits my attention. I want to sound educated and informed in my review. Basically, I want other readers to notice my review. I want my opinion to count. What is the basic outline of a qualified book review?
Gabino Iglesias: There are many ways to write a book review. If you want to grab someone’s attention, start with a few short sentences saying you truly enjoyed the book or comparing it to other books you’ve read. You can always use a powerful quote from the text to get people hooked. Regardless of your technique, just make sure that your review has an introduction, a paragraph in which you give a synopsis, which can be the trickiest part of all, and then a good explanation of what’s so great about the book. If you want folks to take your review seriously … Read the rest of the post on Brooklyn’s Blog.

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